ASIFT Software

The Beauty of One

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One Technology, Re-used & Unlimited Solutions

ASIFT takes the complexity of managing your Big data and systems off your hands, letting you focus your attention and resources on your critical and rapidly changing business objectives.

ASIFT’s software is an innovative single-interface platform that suits the strategic, operational, and financial needs of today’s organizations. Our technology has been proven in mission-critical deployments for both the federal government and Fortune 100 companies.

While our team’s expertise and track record have earned us the longstanding trust of numerous high profile institutions, it’s the simplicity of our solution that gets people excited. In fact, ASIFT has compelled several IT executives to respond in disbelief by exclaiming, “If what you say is true...” And, once we prove to them it’s real, their reaction tends to be just as simple: a great, big smile.

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